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Lecture 14

Psychology 46-228 Lecture 14: Notes on Dissociative Disorders

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Lecture 13 on Dissociative Disorders Dissociation  Detachment from reality  Often follows stress/traumatic experience  Characterized by disturbances in the experience of: o Identity (Depersonalization) o Reality (derealization) o Memory (amnesia)  Escape from anxieties and conflicts aroused by stress  Sudden, temporary alterations of consciousness which serve to blot out painful experiences  "highway hypnosis" - everyday dissociation  Entertainment as an escape Normative and "Taxonic" Dissociation  Normative o Absorbed in films o Wandering mind o Daydreaming  Pathological o Profound inaccessibility of memory o Loss of sense of self o Numbing, detachment 4 Main types of Dissociative Disorders  Depersonalization Disorder Dissociative Amnesia   Dissociative Fugue  Dissociative Identity Disorder Depersonalization Disorder  Sense of being cut off or detached from one's self o "living in a dream" o "doubted reality of feelings" o "feel that I'm doing this mechanically"  Depersonalization and derealization are usually experienced together in depersonalization disorder o The person may feel like a robot or like an actor o Feelings of having left one's body o Movement or speech seem outside of one's control o Objects in the external world seem unreal or bizarre o Usually first occurs in adolescence or young adulthood, more common in women o If fleeting reactions to a severe stressor, little, if any, psychiatric impairment o Persistent depersonalization in the absence of other
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