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Lecture 21

Psychology 46-322 Lecture 21: Notes on Comorbidity

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Lecture 21 on Comorbidity What we know  Defining comorbidity o Manifestation of two or more disorders at the same time (what would be expected by chance alone)  statistically likelihood of having other disorders in the same person o A single diagnosis cannot account for all of the symptoms o DSM allows comorbid diagnoses (ex. you cannot diagnose CD and ODD)  ICD  developed by WHO, used everywhere but USA (New Zealand uses both) o All mental disorders are included (ex. all genetic disorders)  Difficult to target one specific disorder in child psychopathology  The data doesn’t generalize well because most kids don’t have pure disorder (just one disorder)  Problem for clinicians and scientists  symptoms are too overlapping that the comorbidity is false; or but the symptoms might be misleading to be comorbid o Is it even possible to have multiple disorders?  Most common comorbidities o ADHD and other disruptive behaviours (ADHD vs. ODD vs. CD) o Autism spectrum disorder and mental retardation (intellectual disability and cognitive impairments) o Depressive disorders and anxiety disorders  Sampling bias  we typically look at the extremely impaired in the person with that disorder (parents do not seek treatment for the children until the symptoms are significant enough) o Research usually comes from big settings (sick kids or UBC Children) o Those kids are at much higher of severity  Referral bias  by the time a child is referred to a clinician, they're p
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