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Child Psychopathology Chapter 10

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University of Windsor
J.Hakim- Larson

Chapter 10Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD and Childhood Onset SchizophreniathMarch 10 INTRO Neurodevelopment disorderMain manifestationIntellectual Disability severe social issuesfunctioning unusual interests and behaviors due to lack of socializationHISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF AUTISM Autism and childhoodonset schizophreniapreviously considered to be a single condition1943 Kanner coined the term early infantile autismAsperger 1944 Aspergers disorderoPeople with higher functioning with autismDESCRIPTION AND HISTORY DSMIVTR pervasive developmental disorders PDDs characterized by significant impairments in social and communication skills and by stereotyped patterns of interest and behaviorsoAutistic DisorderoAspergers DisorderoPervasive Developmental Disorder Not otherwise Specified PDDNOSMost frequently diagnosed meet some but not all criteriaoChildhood Disintegrative DisorderChild appears to be developing normally but child starts to lose abilities social skills vocabulary not potty trained anymore lack of understanding etcGoes backwards in developmentRare and occurs mostly in boys After regression symptoms similar to that of children with autismoRetts DisorderPrimarily affects femalesDisabling neurological disorderGenetic cause identifiedSevere developmental delay Issues with motor coordination and movements some may never learn to walk and those that do may lose the ability toNEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERThe DSM5 combines 4 previous diagnoses into Autism Spectrum Disorder reflecting a general consensus among scientists that Autistic Disorder Aspergers Disorder Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and Pervasive developmental DisorderNOS are actually one condition with different levels of severity DSM5 no longer includes the overarching category of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
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