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Child Psychopathology Chapter 12

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J.Hakim- Larson

Chapter 12Health Related and Substance Use DisordersththMarch 20March 24SLEEP DISORDERSThe Regulatory Functions of SleepoMain activity of the brain in the first years of lifeinfants sleep a lot elderly people dont need AS MUCH sleep but still need a good nights sleepInfants physical and mentally grow in sleep need body at rest oEssential for brain development and regulationoDeprivation leads to decreased concentration and diminished ability to inhibit or control basic drives impulses and emotions oProduces an uncoupling or neurobehavioural systems allowing for returning of CNS componentsMaturational ChangesoInfants and toddlers have more nightwaking problemsoPreschoolers have more fallingasleep problemsoYounger schoolaged children have more goingtobed problemsoAdolescentsMore difficulty going to or staying asleep or having enough time to sleepIncreased physiological need for sleep but are chronically sleepdeprivedADOLeven starting school 30 mins later showed remarkable improvementDYSSOMNIASDisorders of inhibition or maintaining sleep characterized by difficulty getting enough sleep not sleeping when one wants to not feeling refreshed from sleepMost of these sleep problems resolve themselves as the child maturesQuite common in childhood with the exception of narcolepsytable 121 in textbookprotonot enough sleepgyperexcessive sleepinessnarcsudden sleep loe muscle tone and fall asleepBRDie sleep apnea snoring gasping for air etccould be related to enlarged tonsilsCRSweird sleep patternweather and time change day light savings toss us off body retuned to new rhythm PARASOMNIASDisorders in which behavioural or physiological events intrude upon ongoing sleepCommon affiliations of early to midchildhood children typically grow out of themInclude nightmares often called REM parasomnias sleep terrors and sleepwalking often referred to as arousal parasomniaaasodreamingnightmares occurs during REM occurs later in the sleep cycle
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