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Child Psychopathology Chapter 13

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J.Hakim- Larson

Chapter 13Eating Disorders and Related ConditionsthMarch 26 HOW EATING PATTERNS DEVELOPNormal DevelopmentoProblematic eating habits and picky eating are common in early childhood children under age 12 are described as picky eaters by their parents Taste buds more sensitive in childhoodoSocietal norms and expectations affect girls more than boys particularly by late childhood and adolescenceBeginning around age 9 girls are more anxious than boys about losing weightEarly parentchild relationshipPeterPan approachdont eat because you dont want to grow upEntering school with its pressure to conform to perceptions of desirable body typeDEVELOPMENTAL RISK FACTORSDrive for thinnessoKey motivator for reasons they start dieting and changing their body Values and preoccupation with weight and dieting may occur at a very young age as young as 710Risk Factors in adolescence oRapid developmental change ie pubertymore risk problems ie lack of nutritionhigh risk of developing eating problems the rest of their livesoNote onset of Anorexia and Bulimia AFTER adolescence is very rare Dieting is common even among elementary school childrenChronic dieting is associated with the onset of adolescence eating disorder o10 of adolescent girls are chronic dieters o2 of adolescent boys are chronic dieters BIOLOGICAL REGULATORSMetabolic RateoBalance of energy expenditure oBased on genetic background and physiological make uphow we eathow we exercise An individuals natural weight is regulated by his or her own body weight set point oWhat its so hard to change body Hormonal Regulation is involved during childrens skeletal growth and during puberty oGrowth hormone thyroid hormone gomatalsteroids that kick in during adolescence oAll these changes happen at oncehigh risk for problems
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