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Lecture 1

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 1: Lectures 1,2 on Intro to Personality Theories

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 1,2 on Introduction of Personality Define "personality"  They are constant, you take them with you  Temperament  We are reflections of our friends and families Define "self"  What the inside feels  Physically characteristics  No self if you don't have social order  Self can be defined by having self-awareness Define "healthy personality"  Live well, happiness, positivity  Be realistic about life, set realistic goals  Play well with others  Understand that you cannot always be happy, there are always bad days because we are human  The road to health is balanced Define "Unhealthy personality"  Unstable, self-destructive  People who cannot cope with changes  Conflict or friction with other people What elements give life meaning or purpose?  Achievements, goals fulfilled  Meanings come from others  Finding soul mate  Different perception of life meaning and purpose What makes human beings "human"?  Concept of time  Having empathy, having feelings  Able to comprehend abstract concepts  Knowing the difference between right and wrong  Knowing that we have a future but we are not certain how long our future will hold What makes human beings similar?  Same basic needs, similar physically, all born and die  We all have a personality  Influenced by each others, we are all social animals, we all want to be liked  We all have our own culture What mak
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