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Lecture 3

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 3: Lectures 3,4 on Freud

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 3,4 on Freud Freud's Legacy  That we hold stock in dreams  That we think slips are not random events  That we believe early childhood experiences shape our later adult behaviour  That sexual themes appear in early development  That we trust that talking about our problems will help relieve them (even organic ones)  Breuer tells Freud about Anna O  after going hypnosis, symptoms are gone  Made Freud go deeper in hypnosis to enter the realms of the mind  He's a collector of relics  One trip to America (Clark University, 1909)  didn't care much for America  Freud repackaged love and strife as sex and aggression  Plato's myth of the Charioteer becomes Freud's id, ego and superego (the different parts of the mind)  Documentary o Unexplained symptoms for hysteria o Causes believed to be coming from uterus o Hysteria is past down from generations to generations o Jean-Martin C. tried to categorizing symptoms o He hired a photographer to work full time to observe symptoms o Anna O  Lost the ability to speak her native German  Impossible to drink water  The unconscious (Freud called it) is where uncensored thoughts, fears, sexual thoughts  Freud developed psychoanalysis  The unconscious cannot be seen, no material proof of its existence  People argued that the unconscious is too unscientific, unfalsifiable o In WWI, men came back with mysterious symptoms o People believed the cause was bomb shells, interpreting the symptoms as shell shock o These symptoms look like hysteria o Symptoms remained unexplained, calling it cowardness  these men should be executed o Doctors tried talking therapy and electric shocks o Many soldiers were saved by the talking therapy; simply talking saved them  Psychoanalysis  one of the Psychology's school of thought  Fliess thought the nose was everything, the core of the person  Freud referred Emma to Fliess, Emma almost bled to death  Instead of blaming Fliess, he blamed Emma that it was in the unconscious  There was no child seduction, the child seduction was fantasized.  Later it was revealed that Fliess was abusing his son  Latent  what lies underneath  Body (structures), parents (rulers, police officers), children (anything small), nakedness (uniforms)  Classical freudian
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