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Lecture 7

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 7: Notes on Alfred Adler

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 7 on Alfred Adler Alfred Adler  Many things come from Adler  Awful writer, unlike Freud  Born 5 years before Jung  Had a problem walking past the graveyard, decided to overcome the fear  Freud put Adler down in front of people; harsh to Adler  Individual psychology  he believed individuals were unique to themselves, is disrespectful to view them as people; everyone was different in their own way  Adlerian Psychology o We spend our lives trying to overcome fear and to improve ourselves o EVERYTHING you do is a way to make you stronger o We all have our own way to live our lives, to improve ourselves, to the road of superiority o He calls it style of life  lifestyle o Everything you do is the manifesto of your style of life  Style of life o It dictates our decisions o A person will only stay lonely because he/she only remembers the bad things about life o In a way, it feeds our attitudes and our perc
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