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Lecture 8

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 8: Lectures 8,9 on Melanie Klein and NeoFreudian

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 8, 9 on Melanie Klein and NeoFreudian Object relations theory (offspring of Freudian) but with these exceptions:  Less emphasis on biological drives  More maternal  Human contact but not sex related  Klein emphasized first five months of life  Infants fantasize about good and bad things in life so the child have sexual fantasies towards the mother and destroy the father  Defense mechanisms to protect the ego Defense mechanisms  Introjection  injecting the experiences and perception about the world (usually something scary or they hate)  Projection  releasing bad objects from oneself  Splitting  separating good things and bad things  Internalizations  taking in things from the world to make sense of them  Klein's internalizations o Ego  not functional until 4/5 years (ignored the id) o The ego organizes things from outside world into the good and bad boxes o Superego  different from Freud: emerges much earlier in life, much more harsh and cruel (crushing the ego of small child), not an outgrowth of Oedipus
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