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Lecture 10

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 10: Notes on Erikson

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 10 on Erikson Erikson  8 stages of development from birth to death  Freud believed your development is set at age 5; Erikson thought development goes on throughout life  Epigenetic principle is wired (genetics)  Crises can resolve itself in two ways: positive to strengthen the ego (tools fro coping: virtues) and negative to weaken ego (afraid to situations) 8 Stages  Birth to age 2  basic trust vs. trust  developing a trust  Anal stage: development of walking, toilet training, make own small decisions  a child with will (to do what they want to do) vs. shame/doubt  they won't do anything because they don't want to fail  3-5/6 years (phallic stage)  they have personality, questions about everything, children feel guilty when they question too far (to feel guilty, they have a sense of right and wrong)  6 - 12 years  children are learning to write and read, do homework, write stories, they can draw pictures  children work (in a sense of industry) o They compare themselves to others; social comparison starts here (they would think about how to fit in)  Adler and Freud did not discuss the concept of identity o This is the time to try on new selves; they ask their peers for advice o "Trying on different hats"  finding the hat that fits o Knowing who I am, what I am o If they can't find that hat, they get confused  Age 20-24  once i
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