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Lecture 14

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 14: Notes on Bio-Evolution (Darwinism)

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 14 on Bio-Evolution (Darwinism) Survival of the Fittest  Fitness: Make copies of yourself, your copies must survive as well  It can mean cooperation, physical size, strength, aggression if it is for survival Critical Assumptions  All cultures must have an evolution  It's all in the genes  It's innate that we do what we do  We are much more likely to help others who look like us  Altruism  do we help people because we just want to help them? Sociobiology says no; there must be a selfish reason  Kin altruism  sociobiology calls it nepotism (we help those who are similar to us)  Reciprocal altruism  I will help you if you help me (we do help strangers but for selfish reasons) Mate Selection Criteria  Men look for reproductive value  young age and health so women show youth and beauty to men  Women look for ambition, wealth, resources so men show the money  Women invest more time in their children because she is more certain that the child is hers, whereas men are uncertain  Men therefore go around and make more babies  How do you keep him at home then? It is done through sex  He is more willing to stay home if she provides sex (he doesn’t need to look for sex from others, it is provided at home)  Industrialization  when a city is industrialized, a lot is happening (including rapes)  Data showed rapes are very predictable  Women who are young and poor are more likely to have childre
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