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Lecture 16

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 16: Notes on Sex Roles

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University of Windsor
Ken Cramer

Lecture 16 on Sex Roles Sex & Gender Roles  People get uncomfortable to say sex in psychology, unlike in biology, rather than saying gender  What we identify ourselves effect how we behave in the society  Gender roles  a set of behaviours that the society gives you to take on, guidelines to how you should and shouldn't behave; but the content of gender roles is different from culture to culture  Taking blue/pink traits does not happen overnight  Different traits/labels exist different sex o Boys are aggressive, independent whereas girls are passive, warm and dependent  We are bound by masculinity and femininity traits, which forms a line (the two extremes on each end, you fall somewhere on the line)  Bem bends the line and creates a space for masculinity and femininity  Males or females can fall under each box  It gives some space in between the line, not just the two extremes  Congruence model  if sex = roles, we get a reward and we are hungry for rewards  Androgyny  health in this model have more traits; but doesn’t mean they are more successful or happier  Masculinity  health relies more masculine traits; people in this model are more independents, society admires thus we reward these leaders Sex Roles and Job Resumes  First impression in the job interviews  job resumes  Sent resumes to 211 places (Glick et al., 1988)  Job resumes can sound more masculine or feminine profiles based on the respective traits  The job can be stereotypically male, female
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