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Lecture 20

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 20: Notes on Maslow

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 20 on Maslow Abraham Maslow  Never liked his mother, father was all about women, alcohol but eventually like his father  Maslow was not so impressed with Tichener (the big structurism)  Meet Harlow  the monkey guy (temperament)  Later work with Thorndike (the big behaviourist)  behaviourism cannot help me feel how I feel after his first child  felt out of love with behaviourism Maslow & Motivation  Skyrocketing unemployment; worried about money, what to eat, jobs  What makes everyone different in his/her behaviour because of his/her different motivation from others  Two types of motives o Deficiency motives  lack of oxygen, hunger; to satisfy these motives o Growth needs  the things you do to make yourself better; might be self- actualization  Freud had a negative view on motivation (driven by our unconscious which broke into our consciousness)  Rogers and Maslow gave a more positive view on motivation  Maslow  hierarchy pyramid o We need to satisfy physiological needs first o Safety needs (in terms of war; satisfaction in need for safety) o We need to find connections with others, acceptance of others o Esteem needs  we need to love other before we love ourselves o Need for self-actualization  one's fullest potential  Maslow says you don’t need to satisfy one stage fully to move on to the next (50% in safety needs can relatively move on to belonging and love needs) What is the Self-Actualized Person?  (He studied over 200 people he regards as great)  They perceive reality fully and accurately  They show a level of self-acceptance (we all make mistakes because we
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