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Lecture 21

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 21: Notes on Rollo May

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 21 on Rollo May  Pelagius believed we do not need God's hand to do good deeds  Speaks to free will (God does not choose; you choose God)  Kierkegaard would challenged his own work under multiple names  He believed you cannot understand reality through science because reality is not a real thing, just like personality; it is an agreement and a creation  The focus should be on how you see your life, your existence  Injustice to break down a person's consciousness into parts  Nietzsche  "what doesn't kill me can only make me stronger"  Sounds like Adler, driving for superiority o Don’t count on other people, you are on your own so know and trust yourself o We should be living here, not just live doing nothing Rollo May  Hated his mother, never got along with her  Took summer school Alfred Adler  Lived on the edge of death in the hospital for 18 months  Read Freud's books on anxiety in the hospital Existentialism: Basic Principles  Focuses on the present, the here and now because you're constantly changing  Existence before essence o We have no essence than what we give ourselves o You choose what you are o Existence is the first and last thing you have in this world Existential says personality cannot be captured in one theory  The Human Dilemma  You are in this world an object, you can influence the world and by the world  but you are free to choose what can influence you  You choose your reactions and emotions (almost God-like to ourselves)  Human Dilemma  we are influenced by the physical world but you can choose what to believe and how to act Freedom and Responsibility  Freedom is what makes you human  But only exists only as a potentiality  allows you to choose  We can expand our freedom by expanding consciousness  We must exercise freedom  We might just fit in and follow the crowd  a loss of freedom  The existentialist says you cannot care even when people don't like your own self Ground of Existence  Facts of your life  things you have no control of  Fable of the Stonecutter  you already have all your knowledge in you  We are thrown into life with what we have, it is up to us to find meaning of it Death  Death can be looked at symbolically, instances of nothingness  Creates anxiety when w
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