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Lecture 22

Psychology 46-330 Lecture 22: Notes on Reciprocity

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Ken Cramer

Lecture 22 on Reciprocity The Transparent Self  You have nothing to hide  People are transparent, they have no anxiety  Road to healthy mental life is to talk to self  But they are rules to disclosure, but the big rule is reciprocity  The dyadic effect  peeling onions at the same rate  reciprocity  We do not reveal self right away  second rule of disclosure Dyadic Effect  The intimacy grows with time  The lines A and B have matching intimacy growth  One member would take the lead but not overtake them  Exception in reciprocity  Friends will want to vent/express their emotions (ex. a breakup) Disclosure Among Friends  For strangers, we show reciprocity in the return message Why do we reciprocate?  Attraction  we disclose those we like and disclose to those who disclose to us  Norm of reciprocity o We borrow the norms from other people's actions; we disclose the amount we feel appropriate based on others o We match disclosure to those we dislike as well Subjects read profile of male or female high or low disclosers  4 variables   They also rated their relative level of mental adjustment  For females, we see a positive correlation with disclosure and adjustment  For males, we see a mismatch, males disclose less when less mentally adjusted  The well adjusted person knows when to disclose  These people are less anxious, are liked more by others  But the question is: how much does it take to hold it back? Empirical Support  High self-disclosers are physically healthier  less missed days, less sickness  Pennebaker & Beall (1986) o Disclosure in diaries about either trivial or traumatic events for 4 nights
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