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Lecture 1

Psychology 46-333 Lecture 1: Notes on Introduction to Clinical Psychology

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Kenneth Hart

Lecture 1 on Introduction to Clinical Psychology Video  Humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive therapies  Lynda Minkoff  divorce o Spent too much money on things that she doesn’t need o Difficulty sleeping o Low energy level  Psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive/behavioural therapies  main types of therapies Humanistic therapy  Focused on the relationship between the client and the therapist  Asking questions for the client, understanding of what client says, understanding of what the client understands of him or herself  Lynda is hard to let go of her husband  The therapist acts as a mirror because he reflects what the client says and feels; engages in active listening  Does not give clients what ought to do and what not to do; therapists don’t give advice but rather help the client to better understand and accept themselves  Autonomy-supportive therapy  the freedom to choose what the client should do  non- directive  Never judge the client  Unconditional positive regard  Over time, the client will come to self-acceptance Cognitive/Behavioural Approach  Focused on changing how the person thinks and behaves  Also focused on working with the clie
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