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Lecture 9

Psychology 46-333 Lecture 9: Notes on Cognitive Psychotherapy

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Kenneth Hart

Lecture 9 on Cognitive Psychotherapy Cognitive Therapy Video - Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy for Addictions (Albert Ellis, PhD)  Focus: irrational beliefs  The client might have an unspecified personality disorder, ADD, and possibly substance abuse/dependence  Try to identify the patient's goal and help him/her to identify their problems  The therapist's self disclose  the patient is more likely to disclose about themselves  Recognition of irrational beliefs  Interpretation of irrational beliefs based on family history from the therapist  therapist explains the ABC process to the client o A: Attributions of self consciousness o B: behaviour  What to do about it (disputing irrational beliefs) o Client responses with tangential answer, then therapist refocuses back on disputing  Three musts: I must treat you well, you must treat me well, the world must treat me well  Hypothesizes irrational beliefs, disputes them, suggests alternative rational belief, challenges rational beliefs ("why did I never do that?")  Client thinks emotional upset is an excuse of drinking  Reviews negative consequence of the problems  Attributes the problem as the problem itself, the problem is not about the person  Main problem is the self-downing, therapist emphasizes the unconditional self-acceptance in the client Video - Systems of Psychotherapy (Judith S. Beck, PhD
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