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o That they learn to modulate and control their extreme emotionality and behaviours o That they learn to tolerate feeling distressed o That they learn to trust their own thoughts and emotions  She uses the term dialectic to describe the seemingly paradoxical stance that the therapist must take with borderline patients – accepting the patients as they are not yet helping them change  She says they need not split the world into black and white, but can achieve a synthesis of apparent opposites  DBT centers on therapists full acceptance of this disorder and acknowledgement of their emotional experiences at this same they learn to develop some emotional-self control  Cognitive-behaviour aspect of the treatment involves helping patients learn to solve problems, acquire more effective and socially acceptable ways of handling their daily living problem and controlling their emotions Therapy for Psychopathy  It’s very hard to treat  The primary reason for their unsuitability of psychotherapy is that they are unable and unmotivated to form any sort of trusting, honest relationship with a therapist  They are people who lie almost without knowing it, who care little for feelings of others and understand their own even less  Health professional support the conclusion that true Psychopathy canto be reached though psychological efforts  There is some evidence that large doses of antianxiety agents can reduce hostility in ps
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