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Lecture 4

Psychology 46-115 Lecture 4: Chapter 2 Psychology Lecture.docx

Course Code
PSYC 1150
Dr.Jill Singleton- Jackson

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Chapter 2 Psychology Lecture:
What is a good research design?
Types of Tools:
Naturalistic observation
Case study
Self report measures and surveys
Correlational designs
Experimental designs
Naturalistic Observations
Take notes/just watching people in their natural habitat
Automatically start to conclude things, derive a theory about human nature
Interal validty is low: because you don’t know why they’re doing things, why
you’re seeing what you’re seeing but you are
Case Studies:
Studying one or small number of people for an extended period of time
Breadth is traded for depth
Used to study rare brain damage or mental illness
(Existence proofs: maybe certain phenomena exist, you dont know how often it happens
but it does exist)
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