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Lecture 5

46-330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Only Child, Canadian English, Birth Order

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PSYC 3300
Ken Cramer

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NeoFreudian Personality Psychology: Revolt in the Ranks
A critical analysis:
- 6 measures by which we judge the theory
- Weaker in some ways than freud and stronger than others
- Almost as close to comprehensiveness as Freud
- Too many concepts. Look up parsimony
- Jungian impact on other areas of psychology is large
Moig to a ulikely fello
Alfred Adler: Individual Psychology
- Worried about graveyard
- Met freud in 1902 became president of psychoanalytic society in 1910, defected in 1911..
- Adler feels we begin life feeling inferior
- Master motive:
o Striving for superiority
- This is what we do on this earth
o If you ever heard someone say lifestyle then it came from Adler because now I know
this ok…
- Crystalized at age 4/5 (style of life)
- Innate need to be in harmony
- To cooperate
- Copesatig for thigs as a cocept adler cae up ith too
Birth order (research is all over the map, not necessarily 100% true)
- Complete mess as far as solid research goes
- First borns are supposed to be better, second not so great (trying to catchup) and then last
born is prone to inferiority and alcoholism and pervsion and shit
- Only child (excessive pampering)
Adler had 4 personality types
- Strong Striving for superiority (SfS) harm/exploit others, aggressive
- Getting-leaning
o Passive, parasites, low social interest
- Avoiding
o Withdrawal; never try-never fail
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