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Lecture 5

46-330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: John Godfrey Saxe, Crop Circle, Cognitive Dissonance

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PSYC 3300
Ken Cramer

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September 9, 2014
Personality: What it is and how to get one...
Definition: A consistent set of behaviour patterns originating within the individual
Behaviour Patterns
Originating Within
Biology, Personality, and Galen's Sense of Humour
Galen said we differ due to different fluids..
Melancholic (black bile)
emotionally unstable and introverted
Choleric (yellow bile)
emotionally unstable and extraverted
Phlegmatic (phlegm)
emotionally stable and introverted
Sanguine (blood)
emotionally stable and extraverted
Luscher Colour Test
People who like blue may harbour needs for tranquillity
People who like green may harbour needs to impress others
Interesting.. But is there any evidence?
John Godfrey Saxe: the elephant moral
It's a question of perception.
Gone Baby Gone
“I always believed it was the things you don't choose that make you who you are: your city, your
neighbourhood, your family...”
Personality Theories: Philosophic Assumptions
Freedom vs Determinism
Consider these issues (Pinocchio strings)
Drug and alcohol addictions, obesity
Advertising, movies, video games, twinkies (dan white's defence)
Smokin' hot smile that makes you wanna melt
Heredity vs Environmental
Conscious vs Unconscious
most of our behaviour is completely outside of our awareness
Proactive (pull) vs Reactive (push)
Pull means you have goals in mind, and not merely “responding”
Uniqueness vs Universality
Optimistic vs Pessimistic
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