Psychology 46-355 Personality Disorders

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Published on 19 Apr 2013
University of Windsor
PSYC 3550

Document Summary

Knowledge of whether the client is male or female can influence whether a client receives one personality disorder diagnosis over another. For example, antisocial personality disorder is assigned more often when the patient is male, whereas a similar description of antisocial personality features with a fictitious female client is more likely to be labeled histrionic personality disorder. Many features of histrionic personality disorder are characteristic of the stereotypical western female. criterion gender bias: assessment gender bias). Cluster a (odd, eccentric) personality disorders: paranoid personality disorder (ppd, evidence for a biological contribution to ppd is limited, and evidence for a psychological contribution is unclear. Unlike the dsm-iv, the dsm-iv-tr recognizes that at least some people with. Szpd are sensitive to the opinions of others but are unwilling or unable to express this emotion. For this group, social isolation may be painful.

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