Lecture 2 Notes september 10th 2013

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University of Windsor
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

Holism :- (Emphasis on the whole ) • Cultural relativism Ethnocentrism( pernicious and enlightened) • Anthro tend to emphasis a very holistic comparative approach • They look at human at a very broad view. • They analyze the entire people they do not look at isolated culture or traditions. • They look at how all those things interact with one another. • Anthro does not look at changes but how it affected the people. • This type of approach is the one that sets in apart anthropology from other disciplines. Comparative :- • Culture with similar history • Maybe we want to get information to understand whatever we study. • We have to use comparative analysis to compare differences and similarities. *This can make general conclusion about nature of culture *General conclusion about how cultures influences cultures. *General conclusion about how cultures influences society. • We are looking at different and similar cultures around the world that bring up to conclusion that there are differences ex: everybody has to eat but not necessary the same thing. • All EAT =COMMON • What They EAT = DIFFERENCE Cultural relativism :- (Relating to culture) • It's the opposite to ethnocentrism • The approach to the studied on the people behavior and believes that involves evaluating the culture on its own standards ( not according to the Anthropologist ) • An Anthropologist is expected to accurately represent a culture • They do not have to approve or disapprove any customs in any culture. • Cultural relation is used to so that there is no superior or universal morals. • All culture has its own morals and ethical rules that we have to respect all . • The acceptance of differences of other cultures in the context of that culture without approval or disapproval we have to be natural. Ethnocentrism:- Tendency to apply once own cultural values in Judi g the behaviour and believes of people raised in another culture. Unfortunately ethnocentrism is cultural universal. • People in all cultures think that their opinions and customs are right, try and moral • Behaviour, beliefs and traditions that are different from our own cultures might be seen as stranger or sausage by another culture. • Part of growing up is being ETHNOCENTRIC • We don't realize that people in other culture think the same way about us. Pernicious ethnocentrism:- Is when you belief in the superiority of your culture is imposed on other people. Enlightened ethnocentrism :- Is when your beliefs in the superiority of your culture is not imposed on other people. Culture :- " The totality of the learned and shared pattern of beliefs and behaviours of a human group. It includes knowledge, beliefs, art, moral, law, customs and any other capabilities or habits acquired by mankind as a member of society ."
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