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Intro to Cult Anth Notes Full Semester

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Professor Lukes

Anth1002 Introduction To Cultural AnthropologyProfessor LukesSeptember 6 2012Lecture 1 IntroWhat is anthropologyThe study of people humans and ancestors in time past present future and space location The whole of the human condition biology society language culture It is holistic anthropologists have a cross cultural perspective they compare and are mindful of change Art or scienceScience Research ie collection and theories of data Linked to biology botany geology physics chemistry etc Howwhy relationships Quantitive aspectsArt Cross cultural comparison of languages cultures etc Behaviour cognition personality Qualitative aspects DiachronicVariation in time Using contemporary groups to model past changes Knowledge from past to determine futureSynchronicVariation in space Comparison of contemporary groups in different locationsPhysicalPaleoanthropology human growth and development primatology adaptability ArchaeologyStudy of past societiesSeptember 11 2012Lecture 2 Intro ContinuedEthnographyAccount book article film of a community society or culture Based on field work studying beliefs customs social life economy politics and religion Seeing links to regional national and global systems EthnologyStudy of examine interpret analyze comparecontrast the results of ethnography Identify and explain similarities and differences To make generalizations about society and culture From theories ad hypothesis we can understandCultureCustomary ways of thinking and behaving in a particular groupAnthropological LinguisticsStudy of language in social and cultural context Phonology and phonetics semantics syntax historical linguistics psycholinguistics sociolinguistics ethnolinguistics
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