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Business And Administration

Chapter 8Newspapers in Canada134 daily newspapers with a average daily circulation of 64 million copiesLargest is the Toronto StarCirculationthe average number of copies per issue of a publication that are sold by subscription distributed free to predetermined recipients carried within other publications ore made available through retail distributorsNewspapers control 15 of the net advertising revenuesoSecond only to TVNewspaper FormatsTabloidsare flat with only a vertical centerfold and resemble an unbound magazineoProduced in one sectionBroadsheetslarger newspapers11to 13 inches wide by 21 to 22deepNewspaper Readership HighlightsNADbankorganization which provides advertisers advertising agencies and daily newspapers with accurate and credible information on newspaper readership retail data and consumer behaviourCirculation of newspapers is declining everywhere but readership remains steadyDaily newspapers reach 51 of Canadian adultsTypes of Newspaper AdvertisingAdvertising accounts for approx 60 of newspaper spaceTwo broad forms of advertising in newspapersoDisplay advertisingany advertising appearing in any par of the publication excluding the section of classified ads Can be subdivided intoGeneral or National Advertisingsold to advertisers and advertising agencies by a national sale department or a media representative firmNormally feature products or services marketed on a national or regional basisHooker Tagidentifies local retailers where the product may be purchasedRetail Advertisingstress sale items and specials or they readvertise national brands that are carried by the retailer at special pricesGenerates approx 23 of a newspapers revenue
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