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Chapter 6Magazine and Newspaper AdvertisingThe central idea is conveyed primarily through the headline and visual illustrationThe elements work together to produce a single messageThe headline and illustration must attract attention and create sufficient interest so that the reader moves to thebody copy which in turn must sufficiently expand on the promise made in the headline or illustrationThe Copywriting Function4 Major areas of concern for the copywriterHeadlinesHeadlinesthe primary purpose is to command the readers attentionoPromiseofBenefit Headlinemakes and immediate promise to the reader which is then substantiated with other body copy and illustrationsoCuriosity Headlinemakes the reader inquisitive enough to seek more informationoQuestion Headlineasks a question and encourages readers to search for an answer in the body copy or illustrationoNews Headlineexpresses a sense of urgency or announces something new to the readeroCommand Headlinepolitely makes a request of the reader to do somethingSubHeadlinesSubHeadlinesa smaller headline that amplifies the main point of a headline making it possible to keep the headline short it also acts as a breaker between the headline and the body copyBody CopyBody Copythe information or persuasive prose that elaborates on the central theme of the advertisementHelps to create preference by providing information the consumer needs as a basis for making a purchase decisionMost common types includeoReasonWhy Copystraightforward copy relates the products benefits to customers needsoDialogue Copydelivers a message from a spokespersons point of viewoNarrative Copypresents a message in the thirdpersonGuidelines for working with body copy includeoShort copy is most appropriate for image advertising
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