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Kelley Robinson

Social Psychology I 26/09/2013 8:07:00 AM Why do we do what we do  -Kurt Lewin: B =F (P, E)  Behaviour is a function of the person and the environment  what kind of cues are going on around the person  Historically, personality psychologists have focused on P, and social psychologists have focused on E o but virtually, all thoughts, behaviours, and emotions involve both P and E  Social Psychology: "the scientific study of the way in which people's thoughts, feelings and actions are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people"  Social Thinking: o how we perceive ourselves and others o what we believe o judgments we make o our attitudes  Social Influence: culture and biology o pressures to conform o persuasion o groups of people  Social Relations: helping o aggression o attraction and intimacy o prejudice Social Psychology is NOT: Social Psychology Clinical Psychology All people Subset of people with illness or major difficulties Understanding, predicting, and Solving or managing problems modifying full range of normal human behaviour Social Psychology Sociology Individuals Groups/institutions Experiment Correlational study Social Psychologist Personality Psychologist Situational variables Individual difference variables Experiment Correlational study  social psychology is NOT common sense! o why does social psychology seem so much like common sense?  Hindsight bias: I knew it all along  Platitudes in society cover all possibilities:  "look before you leap"  "he who hesitates is lost"  social psychology is empirical o based on the scientific method of observation and experimentation  fundamentals of social psychological research: o Behavioural explanations insufficient o need to understand more than just reward contingencies
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