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SOC-2105 Lecture Notes - List Of Dune Fremen, Disembowelment, Altruistic Suicide

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1.2 million aboriginal people
26% live in reserves
Male income for reserve Indians $30, 045
o Non reserves $41, 984
Women reserves: $28, 000
o Non-reserve $33 000
Off reserve, higher education achievement; lower unemployment
Australia, Canada, United States
Altruistic Suicide (altruistic means love)
Found in traditional society
Little crime, little deviance
Good at social control
Not much individualism, people fit in
o High social solidarity
Tremendous sense of guilt, honor, shame when deviance commit
o Rejection
Found in modern day society
Can be found in modern countries like Japan
o Japan:
One of the wealthiest
Still highly traditional
Altruistic Suicide
Valor is officer who runs, is a coward, leads to enemy
o Good candidate for Altruistic suicide
Willingness to sacrifice for the group (heroic)
o WW2 heat dog fight plane, had no armour called the zero
Failure to live up to expectations of the group
o Student suicide is the highest in the world
Being in the military has high social solidarity
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