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Lecture 6

Actuarial Science 1021A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Kitimat, Transcanada Pipeline, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines

Actuarial Science
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AS 1021A/B
Simon Lambeth

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GEOG 2010-001: Geography of Canada
Oil Sands at a Crossroads
1. How much of the foreign investment in Canada’s oil sands comes from China?
- 1/3 of direct foreign investment comes from China
2. Why does Canada sell its oil at discounted prices?
- We don’t have enough pipelines to get it to larger markets
3. What is the goal of the TransCanada pipeline company?
- Harvest oil from Western Canada to Midwest U.S.A through Nebraska
4. According to Cory Goulet of the TransCanada Company, what would be the benefits of the
new pipeline?
- Keystone will be safer than any other pipeline built to date (but there have been spills)
- Effective and quick movement of oil resources
- Keystone will provide jobs, and good skilled ones
5. What is the philosophy of the Wet’suwet’en people toward industry?
- Instead of welcoming industry that leaves once a resource is exhausted, they choose to manage
the lifecycle of development, one resource at a time
6. How would the municipality of Kitimat benefit from the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline
- Getting a better price for the oil, maximization of tax revenues
- Improvement of roads, resources and healthcare
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