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The Choices of the Cell

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

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You can go through mitosis or differentiate Aging isnt really a choice Have proliferation and differentiation and in a thin layer we also have apoptosis Megakaryocytesmake platelets Some hepatocytes have two nuclei The liver makes digestive enzymes The liver detoxifies things which are dangerous to the rest of the body Restriction point leaving G1Rb is the gatekeeper at this point Senescentcells dont come out of G0 In quiescence cells can come out of G0 The DNA in mitosis has been packaged up into chromosomes and is going to be dividedtranscription is not feasible during this time Mitosis takes only a little time in the cell cycle because these cells wont be able to respond to outside influences by transcribing genes Cancer therapeutics exploit thisfor ex microtubule inhibitors act during mitosis so the cell cannot respond to the damage This is thyroidhas wells filled with colloid The disregulation of all of these cell cycle checkpoints is a characteristic of cancer cellsHow do cells get out of G0 and into S phase Need extracellular growth factors to find to cell surface receptors that are going to tell that cell to come out of G0 Checkpoints within will confirm that the cell is okay to divide but the growth factor usually comes from outside the cell The cell is ready to do this job under normal con
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