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Lecture 4

Anatomy and Cell Biology 4461B Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Progesterone Receptor, Comedo, Monoclonal Antibody

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Course Code
ANAT 4461B
Geordie Shepherd

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LP Lecture 7: Breast Cancer
Detecting Breast Cancer
Advent of imaging technologies such as mammography and MRI
Education of women in the area of self-examination
Earlier detection means that more cancers are found at less aggressive, non-metastatic
Cellular MRIs also possible
Known Risk Factors
Alcohol intake
Lifetime estrogen exposure
Mammographic density
Genetic predisposition; 20% associated with familial history
Predicting Breast Cancer
BRCA1 and BRCA1 mutations
>1000 mutations identified
Considered to be tumor suppressor genes
One inherited defective copy is sufficient for predisposition
Loss of wild type allele required for tumorigenesis
Account for 2-5% of cancers
Tumors arise early and tend to be highly aggressive
Also associated with ovarian cancer
20% of women who carry BRCA1 mutations will develop breast cancer by age forty,
51% by fifty and 87% by age sixty
On chromosomes 17 and 13, respectively
Large mutlfunctional proteins
Homologous recombination
DNA damage response
Cell cycle checkpoint control
Chromatin modification
Centrosome duplication
X chromosome inactivation
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