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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3309

Histology CHAPTER ONE – gloss over it; don’t memorize Tissue processing - Glutaraldehyde o Better fixative o Cross links proteins and keeps them in place but have two reactive species - Formaldehyde o Single reactive species, an aldehyde and precipitates proteins - The thin section has to be looked at so you can visualize the 3D representation o Serial sections are one right after another o The tissue has to be impregnated with a wax in order to harden it o Cross impression – machine pitted so the machine went through to get rid of the pit - Sections of an object and they have all different cross sections in order to put it together - Blood vessels are circular in their roots through tissue - Haemotoxylin –basophilic tissue, but the base dye o It is used in the lab o This binds to nucleic acids, RNA in general o Both nucleic acids bind to this dye - Eosin – acidophilic tissue, but the acid dye o This is also used in the lab - H and E o There are nuclei o When you see spaces in a tissue you see artificial spaces because there are no
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