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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Peter Merrifield

Anatomy NotesOct 2011 There are many cortical association pathways in the brain The lobes are connecting and communicating with each other through association fibres Symptoms of cortical lesions Aphasiadamage to language areas or their connections left hemisphere Apraxiaimpairment in the performance of learned movements Agnosiaa defect in understanding sensory information not knowing Aphoniainability to produce sounds Brocas aphasia Executive aphasia nonfluentUnable to produce speech lesion is close to motor cortex Wernickes aphasia Receptive aphasia fluentCan produce speech but nonsensical Cant comprehend speech If someone asks you to raise your right hand Information is sent to the left hemisphere First info goes to the primary auditory cortex then to Wernickes area then to the premotor cortex and then to the motor cortex which activates the neurons that go down the spinal and to the arm allowing the arm to be lifted Cortical lesions aphasias and apraxias can affect ones ability to raise their right hand Wernickes aphasia is located in the superior temporal gyrus Ideomotor apraxia means youre unable to initiate the action because you dont understand the command It is located in the parietal lobe Kinetic apraxia is located in the primary motor cortex and it means you know and understand the command but are unable to actually raise your hand Info from the primary visual cortex is passed along two pathways The ventral stream is located on the inferior temporal lobe and is the what pathway objects words and faces The dorsal stream goes up the parietal lobe is the wherehow pathway spatial relationships among objects encodes action plan These streams function independently If you are asked to mail an envelope the two streams work to perform this action The ventral stream involves visual association areas
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