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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Peter Merrifield

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Anatomy NotesNov 2911 The abdominal muscles run from the ribcage to the pelvis and fill the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity The bony pelvis or pelvic girdle consists of the paired hip bones The hip bones are also called coxal bone or left and right innominate bones The hip bones sacrum and coccyx form the pelvis The hip bone consists of three fused bonesthe ilium ischium and pelvis Where these three bones meet is the acetabulum and it receives the ballshaped head of the femur The anterior superior iliac spine ASIS is the most anterior edge of the iliac crest The inguinal ligament runs from ASIS down to the pubic tubercle The ischial tuberosity is the site of attachment of groin muscles sitting on them The pubic symphysis is where the two innominate bones come together at the midline anterior side In a lateral view the ASIS and pubic tubercle are in the same coronal plane Ilium The ilium forms the superior region of the hip bone It consists of an inferior body and a superior ala Many muscles attach to the iliac crest which is thickest at the tubercle of the iliac crest The iliac crest ends anteriorly in the ASIS and posteriorly in the PSIS Located inferior to these are the AIIS and PIIS The greater sciatic notch is located inferior to the PIIS and the sciatic nerve passes through here There are three ridges on the posterolateral surface of the ilium where the gluteal muscles attachthe posterior anterior and inferior gluteal lines The internal surface is called the iliac fossa The auricular surface is posterior to the iliac fossa and it articulates with the sacrum forming the sacroiliac joint The arcuate line is anterior and inferior to the auricular and it defines the superior boundary of the true pelvis Ischium The ischium forms the posteroinferior region of the hip bone It has a thick superior body and a thin inferior ramus The ischial spine is located posterior to the acetabulum and it is an attachment point for the sacrospinous ligament Inferior to the ischial spine is the lesser sciatic notch
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