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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Resting B or T cell can become one of two fates once they respond to an antigen 1 It can become a T lymphocyte that secrete cytokines2 It can become a B lymphocyte The B lymphocyte clearly has some purposecan see a lot of RER so it is a secretory cell It makes a lot of antibodiesit makes antibodies specific to particular receptors The T lymphocyte does not have a lot of RER Cells can do one of two thingsthey can differentiate or divide mitosis Once these begin this process of differentiation they are not interested in dividing anymore Generally speaking nucleic acids are not free floating and in the nucleus and are the only things in cells that are not antigens Everything else that is found on the surface of a cell can be an antigen This is useful to us because we can make almost anything an antigen and make antibodies to itIf you attached an antigen to Hsp90 you could make a lot of antigens Hsp90 is stimulatory to the immune system but doesnt generate antibodies against it The body makes all different types of precursor cells to recognize things that we might come across in our lifetime Some of these cells are reactive against parts of our cells such as DNA What would be the problem of having an antibody that detected CFTR It would be constantly attacking the epithelial cell in a normal person and would be attacking the inside of a cell in someone with cystic fibrosis Now this person has two problems When a B cell recognizes something the clones of these cells
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