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Western University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Examples of Prion DiseasesKurufound in tribes in New Guinea the disease was spread through the nervous system of infected people was transmitted through the eating of the dead as a ritual CJDvery rare disease most likely sporadic There is also a familial from that counts for a tiny fraction of this disease If someone had CJD and was eaten the consumer could get it as well Mad Cowcows developed this by eating meal which contained infected nervous systems of sheep These sheep had scrapey called this because sheep scraped off their fur when they had it Mad Cow lead to CJD Why is it that cows can infect people and sheep can infect cows but sheep cannot infect humans Yeast are similar to prionshave two different conformations that do two very different things Not all prion diseases are bad Nobel prize was given for discovering this slow virus that caused these diseases however prion diseases are not caused by a virusPrionsPure proteins have no DNADisease with a very long latency period because its a second order process When disease symptoms start to show the disease is already very advanced Disease is associated with a change from Pr
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