The Mitochondria

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

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The inner mitochondrial membrane separates a proton gradient The mitochondria uses the proton gradient to allow proteins to move through Tom40transporter of the outer membrane Docks in this area Tim2317transporter of the inner membrane The protein is transported into the inner mitochondrial membrane through these two proteinsProteases will cut off the import receptor when the protein reaches the inner mitochondrial matrix and a matrix Hsc70 will allow the protein to fold into its proper conformation What is the targeting signal How do we get there Proteins that are made in the cytoplasm must already have a targeting signal because usually proteins are made in on the RER Protein forms the alpha helix remember it does not stay in its primary conformation When the alpha helix roles into its conformation end up with a bunch of amino acids on the same end of the same side of the rolethis is the targeting signal Every protein has a targeting signal In vitro import assay done in test tubes Need two things 1 Purified mitochondria from liver liver is usually usedbig source of cells Liver is also homogenous2 Synthesize radiolabed protein from reticulocytes proteinmaking machinery isolated from here Flaw with the i
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