p53 and the RAS protein

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Western University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Ras is one of a family of proteins that is expressed by protooncogenic viruses Src was identified by Peyton Rous Wasnt until the 1980s that the protein was identified It phosphorylates proteins on a relatively unique amino acid tyrosine Most phosphorylate on serines and threonines There is a form of vsrc in every cell It is called csrc It is slightly longer than the viral form The viral form is truncated at the end Tyr is phosphorylated and this is the way it is regulated In the case of vsrc the tyrosine cant be phosphorylated and the kinase cant be turned off We had this kinase first and the viruses took it from us Why would viruses want this RNA viruses can only infect cells that are dividing They can only run through their life cycle when the cell theyre in is also going through a life cycle They bring their own starting mechanism to make sure the cells are in division We know where srcs location is and that it is part of the signal transduction pathwayMammary tumor virusthese viruses are all integrating viruses It causes some cells to be put on the path for carcinogenesis FGFneed this when youre in hypoxic conditions To recruit blood vessels you send out growth factors The regulation of this is now lost Even though this does not code for anything that is dangerous it is indirectly driving mitosis because of where it is placed E stands for early These proteins act in a specific way E1A specifically titrates away p53 Can make a single mutation that knocks out the normal function Could get a gain of function or loss of function Chromsomal translocation
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