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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Because cells dying of necrosis die by lysis their insides get sprayed everywhere and we have inflammation because the immune system is trying to mope up the mess 200 base pairs is the amount of DNA wound around the histones Apoptotic vesicles express a phospholipid on their outside This is mostly found on the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane Cyclin B is allowed access to the inside of the nucleus helps break down the nuclear envelope p53 is a transcription factor BCL2 and BAX are found on the mitochondrial membrane and do different things BCL2 will prevent a cell from going to apoptosis unlike BAX p53 regulates these things in an inverse way Stimulation of p53 causes a high expression of BAX low expression of BCL2 BCL2 is a dimer That dimerization means that it is able on the membrane of performing its apoptotic function The dimers of BCL2 are replaced by BAX when there are high levels of p53 He was looking at one of the ways in which BCell leukemia was able to survive Chromosomal translocation made BCL2 less regulated by p53 and more regulated by the immunoglobulin molecule He made these cells incapable of dying because there were always high levels of BCL2 available Phosphorylation of BAD causes it to associate with the 1433 molecule As long as BAD is phosphorylated you can have this molecule in the cell but it will not cause apoptosis If it is dephosphorylated it titrates away BCL2 and causes apoptosis Anoicisapoptosis occurs when the c
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