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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Metastatic cancer has to do some thingsgoing to have to break loose of the cells that are adjacent to me These junctions are going to have to be broken Gap junctions in breast cancer cells have prognostic valueUnder normal circumstances if Ive got beta catenin it can now begin to act as themesothelial transition If I lose those junctions or replace them with forms of cadherins that dont combine in ways epithelial cells do I can now release beta cateninWound repair in the classic example of mobilizing cell structure and functionThe extracellular matrix is secreted by the cells and can now bind to laminin Not only does it allow them to attach to a particular cellular matrix theyre okay Integrins come in a number of different forms and some are more common in epithelial cells It allows these cells to not die Anoikis is induced cell death by the detachment of integrins Luminal fillingducts that were open are filled with cancer cells that wont die The tumor is now expression a completely different form of that integrin These cells are now capable of not dying and beginning to move in different extracellular matrices Epithelia begin this transitionThese cells undergo this epithelial to mesenchymal transition Cancer cells dont do anything unique I can go from epithelia to mesenchymal Getting out of the blood stream is very difficult The process of differentiation is now a two way street Will have to get through the basal lamina wh
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