Lecture 13. Viruses and Oncogenes notes

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

What is cancer Beginnings of embryossame as cancers Multiple mutations not just one because that would be lethal turn off some genes and turn on others to change the cell Viruses can express oncogenes or downregulate tumor suppressor genes vsrcviral src phosphorylates proteins on tyrosine residuesRous sarcoma virus has the additional proteins vsrc as well as its RNA polymerase envelope proteins in the gene Form of src in every cell of your bodycsrc Viral form is truncated at the end by a little bit csrc is a bit longerregulated by phosphorylating the 527Tyrnt present on the viral form Turn it off by phosphorylating it This means vsrc is always on because it is missing the Tyr that can be regulated Why would RNA viruses want to get away from their simple lifestyle and incorporate pieces of our geneswe had this kinase first and the virus took it from us They can only infect cells that are dividing and growingRNA viruses have a piece of the signal transduction machinery bring a piece of the machinery for themselves to make sure that the pathway will be active in the cell All the the RNA viruses on the slide have parts of signal transduction machinery used in our cellsto encourage our cells to go into division All integrating viruses put themselves into our genome MMTV does it in a way that makes the cells on their way to causing cancer Put themsel
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