15. Differentiation

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Paneth cells at the very bottom of intestinal cryptssecretory cell antimicrobial peptides such as lysozyme Much less complicated differentiation than for the leukocytes Mesenchymal cells secrete growth factors such as Wnt these GF tell the cells they are stem cells As they begin to move away from here the amount of Wnt they see decreases Maybe Paneth cells lack Wnt receptors so that is why they dont differentiate Pax7 expression means they are capable of differentiating but they dont do it gets turned down when they differentiate How did we discover the genes being turned on and off in myogenesis 5azacytidinecannot be methylatedto keep gene expression onThis gets rid of any gene regulation all genes are turned on Compare the cell populations Subtractive hybridization lets you pick out what genes are being expressed Pay attention to the red mRNAnecessary for making a cell a muscle cell RNAse to digest away all of the original templates left with complementary other direction DNA Mix under conditions where complementary mRNA and cDNA bind to each other Add mRNA is excess The red cDNA copy will be on its own all the other cDNA will find a partner Hydroxyapetite column lets you separate single from double stranded DNA we want the single stranded cDNA RNAse breaks down the mRNA that bound to cDNAs This gene was expressed in the beginning to make t
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