Anatomy and Cell Biology 4461B Lecture 5: Lifestyle matters

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4461B
Lynne- Marie Postovit

Lifestyle matters: Modifiable risk factor: Good dietary habit Regular exercise: any exercise is better than anything. Moderate alcohol consumption: Lower smoking rates: Community support: What’s community: Community types Location based Identification based: some of them aren’t by choice. - Ethinc, religious, lgbtq, lifestyle/ more to the location focus as Canadian demography change Disability Survival: aging well into their 90s - Aging populations are happening due to increased survival rates. - Historical focus on improving survival rates in the young. - Having a legal age for drinking, desn;t mean u can’t access to it. - But what about survival rates among the elders. Blue zone: places where the pop live longer. - Geographical location where the local population lives much longer - Quality of life remains high Ted talk: Danish study 90% of our predeicted age is predicted by lifestyle 10% by genes. What should we do? The four demographic areas that are blue zone and get a professional Mythis: Longtivity: If u try hard, u can live to 100. Your chances are low in USA. We are programmed for appropriative success 35 tirilion cells that can go wrong and one mediciation won’t lengthen your life. The capacity of human body is 90, but 78 is the reality of the world. 1) Northern in Italy, 102 ride their work and super healthy. Their life is physical, organic food and made 11 grain bread. The more equity u get, the more celebration u have. 2) Okenawa, tokio People have the longest disability free in the world Liv 7 good years longer; than Plant based diet. Portion control Diet is invented by confusious, stop eating when your stomach 70% full. They have a strong community where each one of them care for each other. One word: the reason to which u wake up in the morning \ 3) Calfornia Conservative Women live 89 And men Heterogeneous community ( different colors) take their diet from the bible, 24 hours per week, they focus on god and family. Avents hanging out with other ones. And influence each other with everyone. Start his morning to swim, workout Lady is -----, Workout every morning. The common denominator in these culture: Non of them exercise, they constantly move, walking, gradening and know how to sit up their lives. When u are stressed out, inflamtory hormons spread in your body triggring disease Plant based diet Wine 5% Connect with faith, right people, belonging The grandmother Effect: old people could help us with kids. Ge delyed degenerative disease: - Falling mortality rates in the elderly. - Liv
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