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Western University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4461B
Geordie Shepherd

TS Lecture 2: Cell Culture Systems Generating Cell Culture Systems Using Cells from Patients • Isolate pure cultures of epithelial cells from normal tissue Isolate pure cultures of epithelial ovarian cancer cells from • • Malignant ascites Dissociated solid tumor tissue • • Primary culture: cells directly isolated from tissue • Advantages • Samples are more representative of a patient • Amenable to molecular characterization • Disadvantages • Primary cells are more difficult to manipulate • Limited lifespan • Possess high patient to patient variability • Cell Lines: immortalized cells derived from primary culture • Advantages • Well-characterized and very consistent • Long-lived • Can manipulate easily • Disadvantages • Cell lines are far removed from original patient • Need to consider: contamination, lifespan in culture, stability of genotype and phe- notype Isolation and Primary Culture of Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium (OSE) Cells • Receive ovarian biopsy from patients undergoing oophorectomy for benign conditions • Incubate in collagenase to detach surface epithelial cells from ovarian surface • Plate cells on growth factor rich culture media and allow primary cells to attach to tissue culture plastic. • Typically come off in sheets and will attach as “nests” of cells Slowly proliferate over several days to form monolayer • • Difficulties include: • Scraping can lead to contamination with underlying stromal cells • Eventually senesce Immortalization of OSE Cells into Cell Lines • Spontaneous Immortalization: cultured primary cells will undergo “crisis” where most cells die, some escape and become immortal. It is expensive and time-consuming. • Passage through immuno-compromised mice as tumor xenografts: rare cells will emerge like in spontaneous immortalization Ectopic Expression of oncogenic transforming proteins • SV40 T Antigen • Inactivates p53 and pRb • Temperature-sensitive mutants facilitate reversal of immortalization • HPV E6 and E7 • Inactivates p53 and pRb • hTERT • Human telomerase reverse transcriptase • Regenerates telomerase at the termini of chromosomes to bypass senescence and render primary human cells immortal Example of Immortalization • Karst et al isolated human fallopian tube epithelial cells • Immortalized using SV40 T antigen and hTERT • Transformed using oncogenic Ras or Myc • Xenograft the cell lines into nude mice: tumors that arise are histologically similar to high- grade serous ovarian cancer Ascites Fluid - ovarian cancer cells exist in ascites as single cells or multicellular spheroids • Cellular Fraction • ovarian cancer cells • red blood cells, white blood cells • mesothelial cells • Acellular Fraction • Proangiogenic factors • Growth factors • Cytokines • Matrix proteins • Isolation and primary culture of cells from patient ascites • Receive ascites from operating room or the clinic (paracentesis) • Mix with cell culture media and plate into tissue culture flasks • Better yields achieved if patients are not undergoing chemotherapy • Leave for three days then change
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