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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 – Culture: What Was Past Life Like?

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ANTH 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

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Lecture 19 Part 1 Culture: What Was Past Life Like?
As an analytical device, culture is divided into three main parts:
o 1. Technoenvironmental
How people articulate with their environment
o 2. Sociological
How people articulate with each other as individuals
o 3. Ideological
How to people relate to their cosmos/world view
Music, laws, arts, science, religion, etc.
o Often see two components or focus on these points more (easier to
see in the record)
1. Subsistence
What people eat, how they exploit their resources, etc.
2. Settlement practices
How to people distribute themselves on the landscape
Dependant on environmental factors, don’t just settle
o Often referred to as settlement-subsistence studies
o Can look at where settlements are to connect it how they were making
a living
o Sociological factors as well
How people are related to each other makes a difference in
where you chose locations
E.g. chose a different fishing site because another group is
already at the other
o Sources of information:
1. Faunal remains
Result from the consumption by humans
Called archaeofauna in the archaeological record
Zooarchaeologists: study remains of living things found
at sites
2. Floral Remains
3. Human Remains
To find out what their diets were like
Human osteoarchaeologists/biological archaeologists,
4. Technology
What they were making in order to gather food
E.g. fish nets, points, etc.
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