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Anthropology 2235A/B Lecture Notes - Femur

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ANTH 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

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Lecture 29 Stature Estimation
o Measure on an osteometric board the maximum length of long
o Sex and age of specimen
o Insert the value (in centimeters for the average of two bones with
the lowest standard error) into the proper racial regression formula
o Calculate range of stature for the individual range
Measuring Long Bones on an Osteometric Board
o Description of the measurements must be succinct and clear to
avoid inter and intra-observer errors
o Also all measuring instruments should be calibrated and the whole
sample should in theory be measured with the same instrument
o What bone is being measured on this osteometric board?
Stature Calculation
o You have an skeleton that is estimated to be from a Caucasian
o The following measurements (MM) of the infracranial long bones
were computed
Right: 478, Left: 480
Right: 403, Left: 405
Right: 386, Left: 388
o Using the regression formulae from the table on the previous slide
calculate the mean and range of the stature (1 Standard Deviation)
of this individual using American measurement system
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