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Lecture 3

Anthropology 2272F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sepik

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ANTH 2272F/G
Sherry Larkin

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Cannibal Tours - 1988 - Dennis O'Rourke
Africa and a germany colony
The africans cut the germans head, and then dance and remove their hearts
The tour is on a boat on the sepik river
The tourist think that their way of living is primitive, they are not living they are more vegetating
But the tourist say that the people seem satisfied
Its these adults parents who saw the germans, they were not born yet
They thought the germans were their death ancestors, they claimed that the spirit of our death
have come back since they didn’t know anything about Europeans
The Africans never seen a boat before, and the germans came on the river
So they named the crocodile spirit, they say the same thing about tourist (dead have returned)
They say they are their dead ancestors with a new face and new skin
Some of their children go to school
The citizens think that tourist come to see if whats written about them in books is real and if
they still live like their ancestors
The citizens don’t understand why theres tourist that come and see them
The citizen women get mad since the tourist never buy their handcraft and the white have
money and they don’t share
Walimbi is their spirit house, and they claim that it came out of the ocean and was not made by
a man
They say the Germans, Australians and English took their sacred objects
The missionaries broke the objects so now theres nothing sacred left
They would remove their heads, then skin and then eat them
They would fight (kill) any white men
So they killed one white so the white burned their house and killed many of them
It was for survival and symbolism for killing the white explorers
But wasnt essential since there was plenty of wild life
Later an officer came, his name was Sorenson, and pacified the land, so now they are divided in
They now follow the rules of church and government but back in the day, fighting killing and
stealing women was normal and accepted
They are in New Guinea and as a tourist they find it very interesting how different their way of
life is
They let tourist come since they make a profit since its $2 per camera
They don’t understand why the foreigners take pictures of them, their life and homes
They only get money if people buy their carvings so when they don’t it makes the citizens mad
The tourist thing that the only want to help them is to make them more like us, and bring them
to us and make them understand our ways
They want to educate them and want them to behave a different way
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