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Lecture 9

Anthropology 2272F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Negril

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ANTH 2272F/G
Sherry Larkin

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Chapter 8:
Tourism and the making of ethnic citizenship in Belize
In Belize, there’s a sign there due to the tourists
The radio reminds locals to be kind to tourists
And some belizan feel a sign of fulfilment as they help tourists
The government had been promoting ethnic cultures at Belize venues
Ability to foster and manipulate cultural forms and cultural identities through directed strategies
of tourism development, and it explores the politically salient aspects of this process
Racial mixture in the arts can be potentially dangerous if placed in the safe zone of expressing
The PUP(people united party) wanted to create a national museum
This museum, stating that is is’the latent symbol of our new nations urge for a cultural
renaissance.. a place where Belizeans confront an accessible multidimensional exploration of
their national historic and identify p.159
The idea that Belize is characterized by a blending of cultures into a national mixture’ both
recognizes and subsumed diversity within the encompassing figure of the nation
The idea that belizean culture is bounded, unchanging unit that has been acted upon the forces
of globalization. This approach ignored the everyday ness of such forces in the lives of belizeans
and the possibility that tourism contributes to the shaping of culture in general, and in ethnic
culture in particular. P.161
Work of Pixar’s he calls it touristic cultures, we see the emergence of a process of touristification
hat proceeds form within the blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside, between
what is ours and what it here between that which belongs to culture and that which pertains to
tourists p.161
Our Belizean identity comes out asa result of our culture and culture is the heart of
development, ours is not monoculture, nit is diverse
Chapter 9:
Tourism and its others: tourists, traders and fishers in Jamaica
Negril was a small population with no electricity but many Americans went to get free access to
marijuana and away from the government
They started building small hotels owned by locals and near the water, but as they became more
popular investors started building huge hotels further from the town
Jamaica agriculture has been week so it’s important that they have good tourist numbers for the
economy as well as foreign exchange
Some people se tourism as a industry that benefits only a chosen few
Like in a resort only the people working there benefit from it
There is also the argument that tourists use a disproportionate amount of resources
Every little thing that is done to accommodate tourists set Jamaica one step back on the
environment scale p.178
The resorts are usually build on unstable beaches and the average tourists makes 4x more waste
than the average resident
Most resort workers get paid less than average
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