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Lecture 11

Anthropology 2272F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Ngadha Language, Bajawa

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ANTH 2272F/G
Sherry Larkin

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Chapter 5
The mediators of tourism in Ngadha
The change in visa has affected the amount of backpackers
The problem with tourists is that although the guides are trained to deal with tourists, they can’t
stop the youngsters from being westernizes
Like tourists have ear rings, but since it’s against their culture if they do it they will be band from
Another negative impact is the price war of handicrafts, they could fix this with fixing prices and
that the tour guides are licensed to give real information about the craft
They opened a tourism department office in Bajawa
The department funded 3 buildings for the tourists but it ended up being used for locals, this
shows the government mismanagement of ngadha tourism development
The department worked with the villages headmen rather than the elders which affects the nua(
the ancestral heart of the village)
Also the 3 houses were not built using the traditional labour from the nua
Tourism is seen as a key to economic diversification
There are caretakers in the nua that are paid by the department
There are guidebooks for the tourists but many are wrong or don’t provide all the info so the
tourists know how to act and what to expect
Guidebooks determine where tourist visit, they makeup their minds before even being there
because of what the guidebook says
In theory to become a guide you must need a licence but not all have licence or are high school
All the guides are self employed so they usually have another job
The villages of ngadha thought the guides were insufficient or didn’t tell the right info cause all
they wanted was money
It is the guides job to tell the tourists what is appropriate but they do not do so
There is a course available but many guides think that they will learn more on the job than the
course and to take the course you need to be a high school graduate which many of the existing
guides aren’t
There are diver guides, since many travel in groups they hire a drive to bring them places and
they walk around with no information or interpretation which loses business for the guides
Chapter 6
The tourists and their perceptions of tourism in Ngadha
many tourists in ngadha could be classified as backpackers
Page 140-141 describes the different types of tourists in ngadha
Most tourists loved he villages and wanted the locals to keep them the same
So the tourists hat only visited bena and wogo thought It was perfect but people that visited
other cities know that those two are tourists attractions
The amount of locals in the villages depend! I’m wogo during the day most locals are in the
farms and aren’t there for the tourists
The tourists want to see locals when they visit
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