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Lecture 12

Anthropology 3332F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Only Hope

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ANTH 3332F/G
Andrew Walsh

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Anthro 3332 Dec 6 Lecture Notes
Reminder: essay due Friday
-final exam (3 hours)
-30% multiple choice, TF, Fill in the blank
-based on everything since the midterm
-45% short answer (short paragraph)
-25% essay
-broad question with reference to material from throughout the course
-don’t forget Only Hope and ‘China Prep’!
-since midterm..
-dealing with a central paradox of human life..
-people die, society lives on
-we envision people in society as having an immortality
-but we as people as destined to die
-how do people or certain groups deal with this paradox?!
-one way we looked at it was through adolescence
-rites of passage that mark the transitions of adolescence in different contexts..
-need to create rites of passage?
-remember video of that camp of rite of passage
-Schlegel’s ‘biosocial’ approach, and her use of cross-cultural comparison to make her
-Fong’s book not just on adolescence, it’s on state policy and how everyone
experiences the life course (parents, teachers, kids etc)!
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
-then looked at Adulthood/Parenthood
-Fajans on the banning of PNG, and on how They Make Themselves
-Zhu on “Mothering Expectant Mothers” in China
-Inhorn on “Middle Eastern Masculinities” in the age of NRTs (new reproductive
-Aging/Getting Older
-disengagement theory?
-CCC on growing older
-Back to Lamb on “successful aging” and the possibility of meaningful decline
-Fajans on Baining aging/elders
-Menon on “Withdrawal or Second Childhood” in India
-Dubois on “Activist Pensioners” in Argentina !
-last week - the end?
-death involves two sorts of transition:
-the transition of the dead from one sort of existence to another
-the transition of a collective from being with to being without the individual in question
-generally, these two sorts of transition are connected.. !
-studying mortuary practices offers insights into how societies manage the paradox of
individual mortality and collective continuity
-mortuary practices in Madagascar and among Asabano in Papua New Guinea !
-Smith – Burials and Belonging in Nigeria
-Acknowledges the “functional purposes” of Igbo funerals as events at which
“individual and community life must be symbolically regenerated” (569).
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